Was having trouble getting my information because my phone was bugging up. Person that spoke to me was really helpful and eventually helped me get signed up. Nice gram for first time calling and the brownies were on point! 😉


Easy process to get signed up, and the bud tenders on the phone know what they’re talking about. I was debating between the alien vacation and the crystal coma the other day and they actually sent me both to check out, and both looked and smelled fucking great. The customer service is money, and their bud is on point.


First time ordering from a delivery service. The person I talked to on the phone was super sweet and informative, explained edibles to me and helped walk me through picking out which one would be best for me (I’ve never done edibles before!). He also explained the difference in strains for treating depression and anxiety and recommended some different strains that might be good to try. I’m new to all of this, but THRC made me feel very comfortable and almost silly for feeling so anxious about ordering! Fast delivery time as well. Extremely happy with everything. Absolutely beautiful buds and packaging, will definitely be ordering from these guys again :)!


A cut above the rest. Quality, selection, and service are second to none. Best flowers, concentrates, and extra stuff that takes you to another level… Thanks Lex! Keep it pimpn’! Your shop is off the leash! Nothing but fire here!


ok me personally have got fed up with places saying they have all these strains of flowers and then once they finaly show up and give u your order and u go to open it up and see what you got is not what they put on the lable and are like WTF is this shit all high priced to top it off well rest asure not with THRC they keep it 100% real and have some good deals daliy if you have not tryed then i suggest u give them a chance u will be happy u did and there buds come in cool glass jars

Robert Q

They service was very friendly, the flowers are fire, my first time experience was so smooth. Definitely ordering again. Excited for the shotgun OG


Excellent service overall! A bunch of different strains to choose from. You get shop quality products delivered without having to sit in that crazy LA traffic!! Signing up super easy & fast. Just as easy as ordering a pizza!!!


Really nice and knowledgeable staff. These guys really know their bud. Along with that, the driver was very professional and had no problems locating my house. If you’re looking for a delivery shop, then look no further!

P.S. their pre rolls are fiiiiirrrreeeee


excellent service, overall. I give these guys a 10/10 for their customer service, professionalism/helpfulness, and quality of their products. their flyer is very informative on upcoming deals and spotlight products, they definitely beat a lot of the other deliveries on their deals and those who carry only flower. they have a basically everything a shop has except they bring all the dank stuff straight to you!


I really enjoy using their service! They are professional, reliable, and have a really good selection of product. From flowers, to edibles, and wax, everything is top notch and fresh! Their flyer and staff are helpful on updating me on upcoming deals and new stuff to try!. Today I received 10% off my order!! definitely a delivery that keeps me coming back!!