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The Honor Roll Collective is a premium medical marijuana delivery service established in 2012 that serves residents of the San Gabriel Valley.

We aim to provide only the highest-grade flowers and concentrates, and consistently effective products along with friendly and reliable service.

When we first began, quality MMJ delivery services were sparse and stocked very limited selection.

Since then, THRC has proudly raised standards across the map and our service continues to stand out among a sea of competitors.




Smoke Grade A, Everyday.

We remain committed to sourcing from an expansive network of growers and third-party distributors the best meds that local San Gabriel Valley growers offer along with a direct line to harvests and products from popular MMJ meccas in SOCAL from the San Fernando Valley all the way to Northern California gardens in Mendocino County. Our products speak for themselves, or rather; they yell from the second our patients tear through the protective seal and remove the lid from our distinct glass jars. In fact, our buds smell so loud; our meds are easily identified by aroma. This is fair warning, if you are smoking on the Honor Roll, your neighbors may soon come knocking on your door and plead with you to keep the “noise” down. Loud.

The Honor Roll Difference

We use only CVaults in combination with humidity packs to store our meds, so as our flowers transfer hands between our master growers and our meticulous patients, they continue to cure and improve with age. Upon delivery, our meds are packaged in protective glass jars, not plastic pop-tops that are cheap and allow air and smell to seep in and out. Our unique and costly packaging protects the structural integrity of our goods. Each minimum donation also comes with a free pre-roll, a gesture of our gratitude and a small token to hold our patients over until his or her next order.

Grade A, Honor Roll.

First and foremost, we are patients. Patients that were tired of being victim of “bait-and-switch” delivery services that claimed their flowers were grown indoor and hydroponically, only to be given outdoor or greenhouse buds upon delivery. We aimed to change that perception about delivery services and we did. Our flower selection is almost entirely comprised of small batch, indoor and hydroponically grown herbs. The items on our menu are organized and provide clear, high-definition photos taken directly from Weedmaps staff, eliminating any confusion behind what kind of products our patients receive by the time their order reaches his or her door. The distinction between ‘Private Reserve’, ‘Top Shelf’, and ‘Mid Shelf’ is accurately indicated according to our standards. Our mid-shelf constantly rivals other collective’s top shelf strains, a feat we continue to remain proud of.

We began with a small menu comprised of members-only, locally grown products and edibles, and have now expanded our menu to include flowers of all donation ranges, edibles from only the most potent and consistent companies, and the latest and most reliable vapor products for the low-key MMJ consumer. Although our menu has expanded greatly, our standards for high-end MMJ goods have not wavered.


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